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Electrostatic sanitizing gun

Learn More. Professional Cordless Electrostatic. Victory sprayers are helping hospitals to sanitize rooms with better results and in less time. Learn how local schools are fighting back this flu season with Victory Sprayers Watch Videos. Learn how local schools are fighting back this flu season with Victory Sprayers.

The most effective handheld, cordless electrostatic disinfectant sprayer in the world.

Watch Videos. Victory sprayers are helping kennels to improve the quality of living for their boarded animals. Victory Innovations Cordless Electrostatic Sprayers are making headlines and becoming the new standard in infection control.

Victory is dedicated to providing the tools that make our hospitals, schools, and communities safer.

Electrostatic Spray Gun Basics

Coats up to 23, square feet on a single tank of fluid. Combined with our patented electrostatic charge, this allows you to apply an even coating on all surfaces. Coats up to 2, square feet on a single tank of fluid. Proven electrostatic technology combined with the Victory patented cordless 2X charge provides superior professional results.

When the unit is turned on charge starts at charging ring and works itself back down the line, through the pump and into the tank changing all ions positive. All the positive Ions from the tank are pumped from the tank through the pump and charged again at the charging ring all prior to becoming atomized.

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There is no need to touch or wipe the surfaces dependent on solution spraying. This provides a fast and effective application method, while using less solution.

electrostatic sanitizing gun

In most cases, a spray-and-wipe technique can move bacteria from one surface to another. Cross contamination can be considerably reduced due to the touchless effect of the Victory Sprayer. No gauges, cords, or compressors — our cordless Victory Sprayers have been designed to be used by anyone, with the use of simple switches and triggers.

Simply fill up the tank, turn on the electrostatic switch, and pull the trigger. Using the electrostatic sprayers will enable a quick and effective chemical application. As fully-charged droplets hit the surface they create an even spread. Particles hold their cationic charge for approx. This allows the solution to cover hidden and shadowed areas, and also enables you to cover a large area in a small amount of time.

These sprayers have been designed to meet dwell times for solutions so they can work to their full capabilities. When you spray a solution charged with electrostatics, the solution will wrap conductive surfaces. Victory Sprayers provide a patented system for broad and safe use. Victory Sprayers are cost effective and easy to implement due to their versatility, portability, and effectiveness.The BactroKart model RRB and BactrPacx2 are ideal for health facilities, hospitals, schools, fitness centers, transportation industries, food processing facilities, child care facilitates each with their own unique features.

It is light weight and extremely mobile. Combine this unit with the most advanced revolutionary disinfectant solutions you have the ultimate performance system. The advanced ergonomic features will increase productivity and reduce cost while providing safer working conditions. This light weight Super Performance unit is ideal for tight areas where electric extension cords and cumbersome hoses slow down operations and pose risk for employee injuries.

One properly trained and certified technician can disinfect the following areas in less than 30 minutes. Ergonomic dimensions of Voltage: — 1 ph. All UL recognized components 4 non-marking 5: swivel casters with foot locks Round nose for wall damage prevention High impact PVC hinges and digital locks Storage for used rags Lockable storage for products, wipes, towels, etc.

System includes 25 ft. Droplet size: Approx. System includes a battery charger. Unit flow rate: 2 gal.

Spray range: ft. Airline pressure: psi Shipping weight: lbs. BactroCase This unit is recommended for quick, light duty applications, up to 5, sq. Tank is removable. System includes 15 ft. Droplet size: approximately 40 microns with an attraction force of 75 times that of gravity. Durable wheeled case with expandable handle is included.

Compatible with all conventional water-based chemicals, insecticides and fungicides. Unit flow rate: 1 gal. Spray range: 8 ft. Airline pressure: 26 psi Shipping weight: 60 lbs. With the extremely high demand of BactroKill products due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the lead time on available sizes will vary between 3 and 21 days.

For exceptional emergencies, contact us by phone at : Please bear with us through these difficult times. Management of the Bactronix Corporation.In the infection prevention and control industry, environmental cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces is becoming more important than ever before.

Research studies show that environmental cleaning and disinfection can play an important role in helping to prevent the spread of infection. A new, promising technology in this industry is the application of EPA-approved disinfectants utilizing electrostatic application systems for proper surface disinfection.

Electrostatics is a proven technology in the agricultural and automotive industries. This technology is now being integrated into the infection prevention and control industry as a tool to break the chain of pathogen mobility.

As coronavirus death toll rises, innovative infection prevention methods are needed. The deadly new coronavirus has now killed thousands and infected thousands more around the world. Infected people spread the virus through coughing, sneezing or talking. Droplets from an infected person get into the air and are inhaled by people nearby.

Anyone within three feet can easily be infected. Germs are also spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with the germ, and then touches their eyes, nose or mouth.

Wiping surfaces with contaminated cloths can contaminate hands, equipment, and other surfaces. In this demonstration, discover that electrostatic spraying provides better coverage, uses less chemical and takes less time to disinfect than conventional spray-and-wipe methods. Germs can really do a number on schools. Because when a school-age child gets sick they inevitably spread the illness to others. Parents miss work. Students miss essential learning opportunities and schools lose vital funding.

The EMist electrostatic application technology enables custodians to now reach and treat more surfaces than ever before. Research studies have shown cross-contamination of environmental surfaces are a major cause of HAIs. EMist disinfectant application system provides a no-touch application to environmental surfaces that can eliminate cross-contamination, and provide effective, efficient outcomes for the reduction in healthcare associated infections.

Conference rooms, break rooms and bathrooms are a virtual breeding ground for germs, which not only impacts the health of employees but your bottom line, too. Thanks to EMist, you have a solution that effectively and efficiently reduces germs and the loss of productivity due to illnesses caused by them. The EM is the most powerful, efficient and cost-effective disinfectant application system in the world.

This patented system places a positive electrostatic charge to the disinfectant as it leaves the spray nozzle, causing each droplet to become powerfully attracted to its opposite charge on such high-touch areas as desks, table tops, chairs, door handles, cabinet handles, light switches and more. Using the EM, you can help stop the unnecessary spread of infections.

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Warranty Platinum Partners. EM Backpack. EM Rollercart. Parts and Accessories.

electrostatic sanitizing gun

Hypochlorous Acid. All rights reserved.Disinfecting and sanitizing of surfaces is critical to prevent the spread of illness and disease. In schools, cold and flu season brings on a dramatic rise in absenteeism related to contagious illness. Often overlooked, pathogens such as norovirus can quickly run rampant through a school population, in some cases, it has actually caused schools to temporarily shut down.

In businesses large and small, illness related absenteeism causes companies billions of dollars each year. In restaurants and food service operations, cleanliness and preventing foodborne illnesses are essential elements tied to the success of the business.

Disinfecting surfaces in healthcare institutions is critical to preventing healthcare associated infections HAI. Dealing with immunocompromised patients that are more susceptible to pathogens adds to the challenge. In the above situations, how do we insure that potentially contaminated surfaces come in contact with a disinfectant or sanitizer? And, how often do surfaces get missed that may be hidden, difficult to reach, or simply passed by due to human error?

Enter electrostatic spraying of disinfectants or sanitizers. An electrostatic spray device imparts a positive electric charge to spray droplets, causing the liquid droplets to be attracted to surfaces like opposite poles of a magnet.

The benefit is fast and highly uniform coverage of surfaces, including areas out of the direct line of site that might be missed by conventional sprayers. Electrostatic spraying of disinfectants and sanitizers is new to the cleaning industry, but it is not new technology. Electrostatics have been used quite successfully in spraying of paints and coatings.

It is highly useful for coating complex shapes with a highly uniform film with little or no overspray. Farmers have used electrostatic sprayers to apply pesticides to crops because of the ability to cover the top and bottom of foliage to insure complete crop protection. Electrostatic technology insures hidden or shadowed surfaces get covered with highly uniform film.

Charged spray droplets are attracted to surfaces and have an enveloping effect around the object to insure all sides are covered. The E-Spray Hand Held and Backpack electrostatic sprayers represent equipment that use electrostatic technology for the use of spraying disinfectants, sanitizers, and even odor counteractants.

These devices are powered by a re-chargeable lithium ion battery. The hand held unit cartridge holds 1 quart of diluted ready to use disinfectant or sanitizer. For larger areas the Backpack units holds 9 quarts. The ease of use and portability make this device a very effective way to cover a lot of surface area quickly. We have validated that the Multi-Clean branded products active ingredients are not affected by the device.

To insure OSHA compliance with secondary container labeling, each E-Spray unit from Multi-Clean comes with a set of secondary container labels for the validated products. To learn more about the E-Spray System and electrostatic spraying of disinfectants and sanitizers, follow the links below:. Visit us at www.Cordless electrostatic spraying technology brings new, degree, touchless disinfection and sanitizing capabilities to infection control experts, and reaches up to 3X more surfaces in the same amount of time it would take with today's buckets, rags, wipes or other infection control tools.

Skip to main navigation. In the news. Westgate Las Vegas introduces enhanced cleaning plan for hotel room sanitation Airlines, hotels to implement 'electrostatic spraying' vs.

Provide every worker with a powerful tool to attack microbes and decontaminate facilities. Protexus Cordless Electrostatic Sprayers Video. Watch our sprayer technology in action. PXES photo gallery. Adjustable Nozzle Allows easy adjustment of particle size. Head Light Illuminates work surface for precise coverage.

Ergonomic Design Over molded handle provides a soft grip for comfort. Cordless Operation Reduce infection rates through more proactive and comprehensive disinfection procedures. Touchless Disinfection or Sanitization of full rooms in under 3 minutes Lightweight and portable Quiet - Suitable for use in any environment Removable tank holds 2. Download PXES brochure.Please allow us to customize your site experience by enabling tracking cookies. To learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your preferences, see our Privacy Policy.

When a powerful electric charge is added to atomized paint, more paint ends up on the part and less paint goes to waste. This video explains how. Electrostatic painting is the process of charging particles in paint to more efficiently paint a work piece. When a powerful electric charge is added to atomized paint, a significant increase in paint is added to the part.

This is called improved transfer efficiency. In general this means, more paint on the part and less paint going to waste. Think grade school science. Remember protons, neutrons and electrons? All matter contains charged particles. Now, think about magnets. When you try to put the north or south poles of magnets together, they will naturally repel. However, if you align the north and south poles together, they will attract.

The same is true for protons, electrons and neutrons. Like charges repel, while unlike charges attract. Therefore, if we put a powerful electrical charge on atomized paint by passing the paint through a field of electrons and project it towards grounded object or it has a neutral electrical conditionthen we have created an environment that results in a natural electrical attraction between electrons and neutrons. This results in more paint being applied to the target. Painting with electrostatics leads to process improvements in painting operations, ranging from automotive and aerospace to various applications that involve solvent and water-based paints.

Using electrostatics can increase productivity, reduce paint overspray, and minimize paint usage.Initially it is equal to the sum of the first bet. If the sum on the chain account is less than its initial sum, the account balance calculates single bet of the next event in the chain. The sum that remains on the account after calculation of all bets in the chain is a subject to payment. If the sum on the account reaches zero - the chain breaks and is considered as lost.

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electrostatic sanitizing gun

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electrostatic sanitizing gun

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